Marvel Reveals 2 All New, All Different Character Posters

While Marvel’s Secret Wars has barely just begun, they’re already unveiling a first look at the aftermath of the event. Both posters feature Iron Man front and center, though there’s no telling whether or not it’s Tony Stark in the suit, as Marvel has left the armored Avenger’s identity unconfirmed. The first poster features characters we’re all familiar with:


L-R going clock-wise: Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Vision, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Red Wold (Wildrun-Unconfirmed), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Thor (Jane Foster), Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Iron Man (Tony Stark- Unconfirmed), Commander Steve Rogers (Steve Rogers, former Captain America), Captain America (Sam Wilson, former Falcon), Black Panther (T’Challa), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Phil Coulson.

The second poster features some familiar characters, but definitely with differences: 


L-R going clock-wise: Doctor Spectrum, Rocket Raccoon, Hyperion, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Old Man Logan, Star Lord (Peter Quill), Wolverine (Laura Kinney aka X-23), Medusa, Iron Man (Tony Stark- unconfirmed), Inferno (Dante Pertuz), Karnak, The Thing (Benjamin Grimm), Citizen V (former Baron Zemo).

Most interestingly, it appears that The Thing is sporting a Guardians of the Galaxy uniform. Daredevil also seems to be back in black, wearing the black and red suit that he did during the Shadowland run.

4 Responses

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    Carlos Abdu

    Ah dude, good on ya to report this. I was going to tear this shit apart (maybe on a podcast), but in all honesty, other than all the obligatory Avengers and MCU references, there’s a really only a few things to talk about.

    1) What is with the spider overload? It’s like Marvel trying to have their webbing cream cake and eat it to. Just pick a wall-crawler and stick with them.

    2) Why are they still pretending that Falcon Cap and Whor is still a thing when they just going to keep marketing the old guys anyways in time for their movies?

    3)Who the fuck is Red Wolf and why should we care?

    4) Why is Dr. Spectrum identified as a dude, when it’s clearly a chick?

    5) Are the Thunderbolts coming back? The REAL ones?!

    6)Is the only way the Fantastic Four and The X-Men are legally allowed to exist is if they are part of an MCU friendly team like the GOTG, Avengers or Inhumans?

    7) Why is X-23 Wolverine if they’re still going to keep Logan anyway?

    8) Better question: Why the fuck is X-23 Wolverine?! So what the fuck was all of that build up of changing Sabretooth into a good guy so HE can earn the title of Wolverine?

    MAAAANG, Marvel got spanked HAAAAWWD by the PC Committee and the Disney Empire.

  2. Avatar
    Walter Mack

    Haha it’s a lot of Spideys for sure. I just want Kaine back ;_;

    The Dr. Spectrum was a misidentification by me, not Marvel XD

    • Avatar
      Carlos Abdu

      We all want Kaine back…we want him to be hardcore…
      But the universe just wont let him ;_;

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    I’m just glad that Mile Morales made it over intact. Though I agree, that’s a lot of spider-persons in there. As for Sabertooth, they’ve already screwing him up. The recent Wolverines arc had him and everyone else who had a healing factor to lose it, thanks to Mystique.