Figma Review: Sinon (Sword Art Online II)

I pre-ordered this figure when it first hit the internet and after waiting through a delay and nearly six months, I finally got my hands on the Sinon Figma Action Figure from Sword Art Online II!  I had previously gotten the Kirito figure and was impressed by that one, but this figure was simply mind-blowingly superior to Kirito’s. Right off the bat, the box grabs your attention as it sports one pretty insane color. As always with Figma boxes, we have pictures of the figure on each side as well as examples of the figure in action on the back of the box. The backdrop is a nice metallic grey-greenish color and lacks a lot of the details most Figma backdrops typically get. A little disappointing there. 

The contents have the figure itself, two alternate faces, an alternate back of the head for her hair, her glock, an orange effect part, and the Hecate II sniper rifle complete with its own bipod. It also comes with the base and a selection of alternate hand as well as your standard instructions.



The figure itself looks absolutely superb. The details on the figure are very intricate.. especially on the costume, around the jacket, and on her chaps. It just looks amazing. The colors here are beyond great, but if there is one issue that I have with it.. it’s the hair. The hair could be a little more vivid. Her hair is definitely one of those aspects that stands out the most in the anime and here, I feel, that it looks just a little bit on the dull side. It could benefit from a little bit of some highlights or perhaps a gradient. 


The detail on the face is just what you’d expect from Max Factory. She’s also sporting a scarf in a very light grey color with a darker pattern on the front that wraps around the back and runs down the length of the scarf. The scarf can be removed by simply removing the head and pulling the scarf off. With the scarf removed, we can see the collar underneath as well as the collar on her jacket.



As for the jacket it is crazily detailed sporting the colors of olive green, black, and light grey. For the most part, the paint job on here is absolutely awesome. There are sculpted folds, seems, and button details which is all made from a soft, flexible material. On the back we have a pouch and a holster. On the legs we have her chaps which, like the jacket, are made out of a soft, flexible, material. There are also some nice, subtle folds, along the legs as well.

As for the weapons, first up is the Hecate II Sniper Rifle which is incredibly detailed. The gun has a flexible/removable strap, a removable bipod, and a removable shoulder rest as well. One complaint that I have with the shoulder rest is the default one looks to have a kickstand which swings out, but it just, simply, pops out instead.  There are definitely moldings on the kick stand which suggest it’s supposed to swing, but it doesn’t do it very well.  Her other weapon is a Glock with extended clip. There is an orange effect part which just attaches to the end of the barrel of the Glock.


As for her faces, in addition to the default face, she had a face that is slightly looking off to the side and an annoyed face where her teeth are clenched.

The head has great movement in all four directions… side to side, back, and forward can achieve great angles.. this is, of course, without the scarf. Adding the scarf does result in some articulation limitations, however, with the alternate head part, the backwards articulation extends fully, serving up a remedy to the problem! The shoulder does go all the way up with 360 degree rotation, but be careful with how high you lift the arm because it can pop out of socket. The arm can bend at a 45 degree angle as standard with most Figma figures. The wrist also has full flexibility all around.

The torso has great side to side movement as well as bending backwards movement… the bending forward movement is limited, though so you can’t bend her over fully which seems to be the case with a lot of Figma figures, but that doesn’t stop it from achieving any desirable poses. The leg bends all the way forward and out to the side to about 80 degrees!! Talk about your flexibility! Her knee can bend back all the way and her foot has forward, back, side to side and rotation movements for amazing flexibility.


Action Shots


Max Factory did an AMAZING job on Sinon.. probably one of the best ones they’ve produced yet. The attention to detail is simply mind-blowing on this figure to the point where some of the paint errors can be forgiven as they are only noticeable if you are really up close to the figure.  The Hecate II weapon’s detail was insane and I was a bit surprised at how much attention to detail went into it.  Again, the only argument I had was the shoulder rest on the gun itself with the kick stand which did not like to stay in spot if used.  It makes me wonder why it was included as a movable part if it behaves the way it does.

Also, I wouldn’t be a guy if I didn’t point this out.  Nice attention to detail on Sinon’s buttcrack. They made it a point to show it prominently in the anime and you, too, can gaze upon its wonder in this figure!


If you are a fan of Sword Art Online II… this Sinon figure is a definite must-have! I highly recommend going out and picking one of these up today!

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