E3 2015: What We Know So Far – Bethesda

Nintendo threw bombs earlier today with the OFFICIAL E3 2015 reveal of Street Fighter’s World Warrior, Ryu, in all of his Joudan Sokuto Geri and Shin Shoryuuken glory. However, Bethesda fans experienced the sheer power of the napalm drop that was the Fallout 4 trailer, which you can see here. Since then, Bethesda Softworks fans have been eagerly awaiting the E3 2015 conference which will take place tonight at 9:30pm EST, which you can see here on The Outerhaven.

  • Fallout 4

    • Check out this post by our own Dominic Hernandez regarding Fallout 4. But just in case you want to see it here:
      • It will take place in Boston and it’s surrounding area, the Commonwealth will actually be in the game and most likely playing a big role, and the main character says at least one thing: “Let’s go pal.”
      • About a year ago, rumors started swirling that Bethesda employees were found in Boston taking pictures of famous landmarks.
      • In Fallout 3, one of the larger side quest, called “The Replicated Man,” saw your character be enlisted by Dr. Zimmer to help track down a run away android. Dr. Zimmer comes from The Institute to find the android who escaped from the Commonwealth, an advanced civilization that lives to the north of the Capital Wasteland. During this mission you meet a woman named Victoria Watts who represents The Railroad, an underground organization that aids escaped androids from the Commonwealth. Through this mission we learn that The Institute and The Railroad are opposing factions that reside within the Commonwealth. The Institute are those responsible for the advanced technology in the Commonwealth due to them originating from or taking over a post-apocalyptic MIT. The Railroad is a small underground faction that aims to support Android’s civil rights. Though the Commonwealth is referenced constantly throughout this mission, we never travel to or see anymore citizens from the Commonwealth again. Now, Fallout 4 will take place in the Commonwealth and it’s surrounding Boston area.
      • It is currently unknown exactly how much the main character will talk in the game or if he/she will even talk at all. Traditionally the main character has not had a voice, except for a few pain grunts, but with the voice sounding like that of Troy Baker or Nolan North it is hard to believe that Bethesda would bring either of those guys on just for a trailer.
  • Doom

    • A worldwide reveal is set for tonight.
    • Doom will run on the IDTech 6 Engine.
    • Check out the teaser trailer here.

Bethesda is remaining extremely tight lipped about their conference, however, there are rumors flying around that Dishonored 2 may be a thing that will revealed tonight. We at The Outerhaven never speculate or elaborate on rumors, however, this is an intriguing one to say the least. Make sure to join us live at 9pm EST for the Bethesda E3 2015 Conference!