E3 2015: New IP from Guerrilla Games just over the Horizon?

11 years ago, Guerrilla Games made their way to the forefront of Sony’s gang of AAA developers with a title called Killzone. All the previews called it the “Halo-Killer”. At the end of the day, Master Chief lived to fight again, but for over a decade Guerrilla Games and their Cambridge studio would work on three console and two handheld titles as Sony pushed the first-party studio to build a competitor for an arena then dominated by franchises either owned by or allied with Microsoft.

Last September, concept art leaked online that took everyone by surprise. Guerrilla was working on a new IP. There were rumors about the developer working on an open-world RPG for the Playstation 4, with talent from other successful franchises in the genre being brought into the fold. But the three pieces of work that “leaked” showed robot dinosaurs facing off against warriors in animal pelts. It seems Guerrilla has been trying to fuse together the futuristic and medieval, with dinosaurs. It sounds crazy, but one has to see to believe how cool this concept looks:


This morning, a twitter post from Nibel listed three registered domain names for “horizonthegame”. Horizon has previously been rumored to be the code name of the project, as described by the same source that had posted the artwork. According to IGN, these domains were registered in March by Poria Torkan, a former producer at Guerrilla. Push Square recently reported a few days ago that Guerrilla Games has just established a twitter account – perhaps getting ready to put a big announcement out on social media?

The talk has been that without confirmed first-party titles ready for 2015, Sony might be in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to their E3 Conference. But, then again, there is a good number of first-party work being done that we have seen nothing of. With Uncharted 4 coming out in 2016, now is as good a time as any to show us.

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