E3 2015: Just Cause 3

Square Enix’s upcoming title, Just Cause 3,  is a huge interactive sandbox world action game. Perhaps even larger than Rockstar’s recent Grand Theft Auto entry and was pretty large as well. Anything you see on the map you are able to go straight up to and interact with. In Just Cause 3, your task is to free the people of the town as you play as Rico Rodriguez. You can choose how you wish to free the people of town of Alba using your own innovations and methods. Players are free to tare down statues and shut down the over lords propaganda any way they wish using their own free will. This game leaves plenty of opportunities for mass creative destruction.

There are many new editions to Rico in Just Cause 3, including his awesome new wing suit. You can utilize the grapple, the parachute and Wing suit combo to cover mass distances along the map and explore the world. This method is ideal to cover majority of the land and to also have fun doing it. There are over 80 different land, air, and sea vehicles in Just Cause 3. You are able to have more control over vehicles and there are also racing games to play to unlock more vehicles. This sandbox game allows players to fully take advantage of the environment around them. For example, you can use fields, flowers, bushes and the terrain to escape people who may be after you on the road. If you happen to be flying a plane, you can even step out and walk on the wings.

This game looks really hype and amazing and allows full creative control in every way a player could appreciate. And if you should need any reason why you should get this game, well the answer is simple…Just Cause 3. 


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