E3 2015: Guerrilla Games shows off Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4

Announced during Sony’s E3 2015 conference is Guerrilla Games new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn. While we knew that Guerrilla Game stated they had a new IP going into the event, I can safely say that I expected another FPS styled game from the Killzone developer, however when they showed Horizon Zero Dawn I was floored. Taking elements such as hunting, stealth as well as action gameplay, Horizon Zero Dawn tells the tale on the fall of mankind and the forces of nature reclaiming it’s former lands and the rise of the machines.

Yep, machines take over. But this take is different than how we’ve seen it in movies and games. It’s more of a “I am Legend” or “Planet of the Apes“, where nature takes over and a new dominant species replaces the humans as the top dog.

During the gameplay that was shown we observed a heroine that was equipped with a bow, as she moved through the foliage trying to say out of sight of the prey she was hunting. Eventually she came across a herd of robotic-like deer, who ran from her as she attempted to take several of them down but was later interrupted when a giant robotic beast, similar to a beast (think Godzilla) that erupted into a battle for survival.  We’re treated to a nice battle sequence which ends with the heroine surviving the ordeal, only to have a robotic beast, looked like a giant bird / pterodactyl flying in and then the demo goes black.


The only thing I can’t figure out is why the humans are hunting machines. It can’t be for sport and sure can’t be food, so what’s the story here?  Hopefully Guerrilla Games won’t say silent on the story for long.

I’m pretty hyped about this one, reminded me like Tomb Raider to be honest. Expect to see Horizon Zero Dawn in 2016 for the PlayStation 4.