Don’t expect to see a fix for Batman: Arkham Knight for PC anytime soon

If  the update on Steam is any indication we likely won’t be seeing the patch / fix for the extremely subpar port of Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC anytime soon. What update you ask? The one that states that Batman: Arkham Knight won’t be available on PC until FALL 2015 for the SteamOS, Max or Linux! If those platforms are coming later, I hope that they’re focusing on the PC fix…..

I’m not making this up folks but I wish I was.



On one hand I could be completely blowing this our of proportion and we could see a fix prior to Fall 2015, I mean I hope so at least. Yet at the same time, both Rocksteady and Iron Galaxy Games have left PC gamers high  and dry. Rocksteady for subbing the work to a company that already had a bad track record for porting PC titles (remember Batman: Arkham Origins), Iron Galaxy for the botched job and hell let’s throw WB Games under the bus as well for not following up and making sure QA was done on the port. I mean, who the hell doesn’t test their games before they go out the door? 

It’s bad enough the title is pure crap, let alone WB Games telling gamers to lower their settings even more to make the game playable. A title that should be shining against it’s console counterparts yet for reasons it looks worse, especially on machines that have 3x the power of the consoles. I really don’t know what else to say, this is just a piss poor dilemma no matter how you look at it. 

For those who can get your money back, do it now. To Green Man Gaming, I know you said give it some time before you start issuing refunds, but to make people who put down $60 or more of the game, they should not be held capture and forced to wait 3-4 months while this is done.  Give them their money back now and go after WB Games and Rocksteady. Forever one else who has the game and can’t get refunded, I suppose make the best of it and attempt to play the game.



On job indeed and that still couldn’t be done. Just thinking about this colossal cluster-fuck just has me completely frustrated. Why to give PC gaming a black eye, especially when things were looking on the up and up.



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