Classically Inspired JRPG Legend of Legacy Coming to West

In January, Legend of Legacy launched in Japan. It was a notoriously hard JRPG that utilized some of the more frustrating elements of its genre like set save points and intense grinding (both for characters and gear) without remorse. The game also utilized some of the best talent in the genre with Masato Kato, of Chrono Trigger fame, penning the narrative and multiple names from the SaGa games (Kobayashi, Hamauzu, Koizumi) coming in to illustrate, compose, and work on game design. The team of former Square employees known as FuRyu sold 53,974 copies on launch week, tripling the numbers of any of their previous titles. They want this loose successor to the SaGa series to be a “hallmark title”

Today, Atlus announced they will be publishing the game in “North and South America”, and that Legend of Legacy will be available for the upcoming holiday season for $39.99 / CA $49.99 on the Nintendo 3DS. A quick look at the game’s new web page  specifies that window as “Fall 2015”.  Atlus went on to confirm that the game will be shown at E3.

Interestingly, among the features listed in the press release was an emphasis on the fact that the game will be “Balanced for the West”. Atlus says that, based on feedback from gamers, various adjustments have been made to the gameplay. Details were not provided, but perhaps this is a reaction to the frustration caused by some of the more old-school virtues of the title. Does Atlus not think us gamers in the West hardcore enough? Look forward to E3 for more details.