Bethesda Gets The Funko Pop! Vinyl Treatment

Adding to the excitement from the announcement of Fallout 4, Bethesda has rolled out numerous pieces of merchandise including some new Funko Pop! Vinyl figures for Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series!

The new figures include 7 from the Fallout games, 3 from The Elder Scrolls Online, and 3 from Skyrim. The Fallout figures include a Male and Female Lone Wanderer, a Feral Ghoul, a Deathclaw, a Super Mutant, a Brotherhood of Steal member in Power Armor, and -of course- the Vault-boy.


The figures for The Elder Scrolls series include a Daedric Warrior, Dovakiin, an extra large Alduin, and the three characters symbolizing TES Online. 



All are now up for pre-sale at! Go get yours now!

Source: Bethesda 

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