ArcSystemWorks is teasing a game for Steam… but what?

A few hours ago, ArcSystemWorks threw up a cryptic message on twitter, which could only mean on thing. They’re totally teasing that one of these games is making it over to Steam, but which is the question. Sadly we can’t see thanks to all that damned steam, it needs to get cleaned up.

If you noticed in the message, they are talking directly to #FGC or the fighting game community, so we definitely know that it is a fighting game. But which? I’d loved to see Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- or even Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, but I doubt it’s either of the two. Perhaps a Guilty Gear HD collection. Or maybe even Persona 4 Ultimax, i’d take that for the PC in a heart beat. Argh, it’s really hard to make out what exactly is behind the steam, but i’m sure Arc’s will tell us soon enough. 

What’s behind steam, Arc? What is it????