A DSLR Whose Body is Your Phone? The Olympus Air Can Do It!

I have personally been in the hunt for a DSLR camera for quite a while, but while I was reading various sites, I stumbled upon the Olympus Air, a shooter that attaches to your cellphone.

This little shooter previously appeared as a Japan-only product, but Olympus America announced earlier today that the product will be making its way to the United States in July, for $300 for the body, and $500 with the addition of a 14-42mm EZ lens.

The Olympus Air features a Micro Four Thirds, 16-megapixel camera, a TruePic VII image-processing chip, RAW capture, up to 1080p video-recording and 10 fps continuous shooting, with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. There is also a deidcated app, OA.Central, that comes along with it, wherein you can control the camera and transfer images with it. The camera also has on-board microSD storage capabilities.

The beautiful thing about the Olympus Air is that it can also be detached from your phone, allowing for selfies and taking otherwise difficult shots that a conventional camera could not achieve.

It’s also open source, so developers can easily create their own apps for the camera with the included SDK.

I can’t wait for the release of this camera.

Source: Engadget; Olympus America

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