Twitch debuts new option to reduce streaming delay

Typically when you streamed via Twitch there would be a 20 second or so delay between what you were actually doing vs what showed up on your and the viewers screens. However that is all about to change, thanks to Twitch. They’ve now implemented an option that will allow streamers to minimize that window. 

According to Twitch, this will reduce the delay times and will ultimately assist with streamers getting more viewers quicker, while allowing the streamer to interact with their viewers quicker. However there is also a down side. If the viewers connection isn’t the greatest they may end up with even more buffering on their end, but if your viewers have a decent connection then the overall experience will be better.

To enable this option, simply head over to your Twitch channel,  goto settings and you’ll find it under Channels & Videos. Keep in mind that this is currently in beta and there may be a few bugs in the system just yet.