Tom Clancy’s The Division. More Delays and E3 promises. Is it ever coming out?

Today Ubisoft announced that the game will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, & PC during the first quarter of 2016. At this point do we take them at their word? This probably was the biggest game reveal & sneak peak at E3 in 2013. 

Yes I know it’s already been two blasted years and we where promised this game a long time ago in 2014 for the PC and then there was the Dec 2015 ETA. 

Recently Ubisoft also announced that Annecy studios has been brought in to help finish up the game on the Multiplayer side.  If you’re not familiar with the Ubisoft Annecy Studio, then I’m sure you are with their Assassins Creed games.

Yep… That’s right. Assassins Creed Multiplayer. I was only a fan of the multiplayer for Assassins Creed when it first came out, now I find it dull and redundant.

It’s quite hard for me to stay positive about this game now. Even with the news, to me this game is what looked more NEXT GEN at E3 than any other game and I still want to believe the hype about it. 

I’m not exactly sure what Ubisoft Annecy can bring to The Division other than make it all about stealth and NO ONE wants it to solely be based on that. Has Annecy really had any experience that qualifies them to handle a shooter? They actually did work on a Tom Calncy game but it was Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Hence all the AC stealthy aspects & also Splinter Cell: Double Agent was almost a decade ago.  So where are they going to apply their skills to the game if not the stealth aspect with the given fact? Are they going to create a all new concept to apply that is non AC related?

Personally I am hoping for a MMO RPG style with Military AI with PVP incorporation with a dash of survival game style. In a nut shell I am going to compare this to a ARMA mod called Wasteland with added AI.

Now these are my hopes and speculations but next month we approach E3 on June 16th-18th where Ubisoft says they are going to show us everything they have achieved.  I would just hate to see this game get swept under the rug by BattleFront or from what we know Battlefield is supposed to go back to the modern military platform. I simply don’t want The Division to get lost in the deck.

We plan to dig into all of this more & especially when E3 comes.

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