TNT Gives Update On “Titans”

Remember that Teen Titans live-action show coming to TNT that was announced back in September? Well, today we finally got an update on it! 

TNT President Kevin Reilly said in an interview that Executive Producer Akiva Goldsman has penned the pilot script and hopefully, “maybe this summer” the project would start casting and filming. Reilly also said that his main concern is to not blending in with the rest of the now-popular and upcoming superhero shows; such as, Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. Their plan to do this is to “[stay] very true to the source material,” as Reilly recognizes that the Teen Titans “was a groundbreaking property when it first started.”

Hopefully TNT can capture the true magic of the titans in this live-action adaption. The pilot will oversee Robin (soon-to-be Nightwing) patrolling Boston and eventually meeting the rest of the Titans. Nightwing, Starfire, Barbara Gordon, Hawk, Dove, and Raven will be included in the pilot. Cyborg and Beast Boy will be excluded from the pilot episode.


Source: IGN

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