The 90’s Arcade Racer isn’t dead after all

While I’ve had plenty of discussions about the poor state of arcade racers on both the consoles and the PC platform, I was still a bit optimistic about its future when I found out about a game called, 90’s Arcade Racer. A Kickstarter funded project, 90’s Arcade Racer, is a tribute to the arcade games of the past such as Sega’s Daytona, Super GT (Scud Racer) and even Virtua Racing. It was basically a game that attempted to emulate Sega’s once proud arcade racing titles. From what I’ve seen of the game, it made me want to help the sole developer of the title, Anthony or better yet known as Pelikan13.

After the project was funded however, there were less and less updates regarding the title and many had feared that the game had turned into vaporware, while many others started doubting if the creator of the game was even serious about finishing the title.

We’ll I’m happy to report that not only has there been an update that was released today but also a nice 60fps video that shows off the progress of the title, running on the Wii U no less.

Check the video and screenshots of the tracks in development below.

the90sarcaderacer-track-09 the90sarcaderacer-track-08 the90sarcaderacer-track-07 the90sarcaderacer-track-06 the90sarcaderacer-track-05 the90sarcaderacer-track-04 the90sarcaderacer-track-03 the90sarcaderacer-track-02 the90sarcaderacer-track-01

The 90’s Arcade Racer is set to release on the Wii U, PC, IOS, Linux and Android, and will be published by Nicalis.

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