Street Fighter 5 Bison reveal trailer courtesy of IGN

A new Street Fighter 5 teaser trailer is making the rounds, this time we’re greeted to the appearance of that psycho dictator, M.Bison. And thanks to IGN, you’ll get to enjoy that trailer which showcases M.Bison in actually and doing what he does best, kicking some ass. And once you’re done watching the teaser, be sure to check out the next video as IGN breaks down the trailer and gives some insight / speculation on the trailer.

Check the trailers out below:

While Street Fighter 5 is a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive, there has been no announcement on it’s exact release date or when we’ll get access to the beta. Hopefully we’ll get more info come E3 2015.

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    Carlos Abdu

    Normally I’d fucking hate that Bison was back…but look at this mutha fucka!! Dem grabs! Dat pop up juggle! Dem Iori Flames! DAT SOUL REFLECT! Dem EX OTG moves!! and DAT SICK NEW LOOK!!! It’s almost like a brand new Dictator, fresh out of the Shadowloo manufacturing plant (and if you look really carefully, that may be the case…or is it? He looks a bit older.) The best part of course was glorious Norio Wakamoto-sama shouting PSYYYCCHHOOO CRRRRRRRRUSSSSHERRRR!

    I haven’t been this excited to play Dictator since CVS. Can’t wait for the next teaser.