PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will support PS3 fightsticks, 60fps and more

With the announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV making it’s debut on the PlayStation 4, Sony and Capcom has released some new details regarding the title that should make gamers very happy. 

First up is the announcement that Ultra Street Fighter IV  for the PlayStation 4 will support the use of licensed PlayStation 3 fightsticks such as those from Madcatz and Hori to name a few, thanks to the usage of Lab Zero’s drivers (Skullgirls developer). On top of that the title will run at 1080p @ 60fps and will also include all of the DLC Ultra Street Fighter IV that has been released so far.


Lastly and perhaps the best news out of the announcement is that the game will also have zero input lag, as lag was an issue with the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PlayStation 3 when it was released, making it the only console version to do so.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released for the PlayStation 4 on May 26, 2015 via the PlayStation network for $24.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog