Play Arts-Kai-Quiet MGSV: The Phantom Pain Action Figure to feature, um…. squeezable breasts

Only in Japan folks can you go around and start putting breasts onto figurines without a massive uproar of gender inequality, as you’re about to see. Hideo Kojima and PlayArts (Square-Enix) has just shown off the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet  figurine and it has a noticeable feature. And while the breasts are quite movable and squeezable, you’re going to have to look a the bigger picture here.

This is Japan, where their views on things such as sexuality and culture vastly different from our own views, sometimes for the better or worse. And yes it does seem a bit odd, dirty even but how much you want to bet that this thing sells? Or even sells out?

And for those who are wondering on how this is going to set you back, you’re in luck. Amazon currently has this figure listed for $99.99 and it releases as of May 15th, 2015. You can go pre-order you very own squeeze figure here.


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