Nvidia Officially Announces The GTX 980 Ti For $650

While it’s been speculated for some time that Nvidia had a new GPU on the horizon, one that fit between the currently available GTX 980 and the powerful yet expensive GTX Titan X and hopefully be a little easier on the old’e checkbook. Just about everyone under the sun knew that this card was known as the GTX 980 Ti and the only thing that we didn’t know is when exactly this card would be released and the price associated with it. Well thanks to Nvidia, we now know.

Today, Nvidia has officially announced the arrival of the GTX 980 Ti. The card which features 6GB of vram, 2816 CUDA cores and comes with a price tag off $650 dollars. This card is packing enough power to drive 4 games at a fraction of the cost of the GTX Titan X. Per Nvidia the GTX 980 Ti is 3x faster than a GTX 680 and was a beast of a card for its time.


There’s already a handful of websites that have reviewed this powerhouse of a card, which I’ve listed below so you can check them out;


I suppose now is the time to upgrade your video card, especially for those who already owned a GTX 780 Ti cards and didn’t see the need to upgrade to either the GTX 970 or GTX 980, but felt that the GTX Titan X was just too expensive. Me? Nah, I already upgraded to two GTX 970’s in SLI and while I’d love to have some of that GTX 980 Ti loving, the only way I’m upgrading is if I sold both cards off.

GTX980ti-01 GTX980ti-02 GTX980ti-03


For everyone else however, your new sub $1,000.00 video card has arrived. Are you going to pick up a GTX 980 Ti or two? Or are you waiting for AMD’s Fiji to see how their next card stacks up?


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