Lost Dimension Brings New Characters and Weapons

Mana and George join the Lost Dimension game cast.  Lover of all things cute, Mana Kawai isn’t afraid to run in and pummel away at her foes with her bare hands. When her targets get wise to their impending beating and stay out of melee range, she can just hurl debris or create earthquakes to hit them instead. Just as brave is George Jackman, who fights for the glory of freedom and justice! George cuts his enemies down with a deadly katana and can also amplify his damage through psychometry.
Mana and George are the powerhouses of the group and prove to be reliable allies… as well as potentially deadly foes. Just like the rest of the team, Mana and George could be one of the five traitors that will betray you if you don’t find out fast enough. Remember to keep that in mind as you level them up and purchase equipment for them; you don’t want to end up helping your true enemies out.
Lost Dimension releases on July 28, and will have more than $20 of DLC available for FREE for the first week! From playable character costumes to mission packs to PSN avatars, all those DLC items can be yours for free!

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