Is it Wrong to try and pick up Girls in a Dungeon (DanMachi) – Episode 8 review

Episode 8 Review

Bell inquires on how to level up as a fighter and learns that being a solo fighter isn’t enough. Bell, who’s been alone for most of his life seems distraught over this. A new thing this episode did was show other parties that enter the dungeon. I found the appearances of the other races of characters very unique. It makes me wonder if we are always going to follow Bells explorations or add more to the current cast. The unknown man we saw with a beast in previous episodes now sent his beast towards Bell.

I still don’t know why that is or why that woman in red with the wine glass has it out for Bell either. Does Bell have a dark past? Did he originally leave an old familia? Towards the end this anime finally gives me what I’ve been waiting for as Bell fights that monster. It’s a battle of patience, defense, offense and psych. It was like a beautiful gore felt dance. The are so many layers to Bell as a character I find him outstanding. This episodes concludes with another party knowing his rank Hestia has been keeping discreet so I wonder if that will affect anything to play out in the future.

Glad to see this anime finally starting to get more in depth.


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