Is it Wrong to try and pick up Girls in a Dungeon (DanMachi) – Episode 7 review

Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon or Danmachi is an action adventure anime that follows an adventurer named Bell Cranel as he strides for tour de force. Each family in Bell’s town is dictated by goddesses. Being unwanted for many years, Bell inescapably gets accepted by the goddes Hestia. Bell is the only other member in his family under the goddess. He participates in firm dungeon exploration daily to support himself and his family. One day when Bell heads a little too deep withing the dungeon walls, he is servery attacked. He is disentangled by a swords woman named Aiz Wallenstein and immediately falls in love with her. This creates a slight conflict as many girls are smitten with Bell including Hestia herself. This no cliche harem, however. The story progresses in Orario where the main place of income is a Dungeon which is composed of a variety of monsters whom become more difficult the further you immerse in the dungeon. Upon defeating monsters, adventurer’s acquire their shards, which are used to craft magic items. Each member of the Familias in Orario work together within the dungeon. The adventurers are ranked by a level and their attributes and abilities are also rated on a letter scale.

Let’s pick up from Episode 7….

This episode starts showing a vindictive red head with a glass of wine. It appears she’ll be the antagonist of Orario. I wonder about her back story or whom she’s after specifically. Danmachi is animated very well and the fights are visually stunning. Unfortunately, there’s only been a few so I hope Bell grows strong and a great battle occurs against this wine sipping mysterious woman as the show progresses. The goddess Hestia welcomes Lily. Even thought the both of them are infatuated with Bell, this still doesn’t turn the show into an annoying Harem. Bell goes to the guild and ends up crossing paths with his dungeon dream girl Aiz. His frantic reaction was definitely beyond amusing. It’s rare animes can make me laugh out loud but that was rollicking. Aiz agrees to help Bell learn improve in his combat. It’s great to finally see them communicating with one another, especially since she is the only person Bell may be more vulnerable in front of. Aiz brings out a different side of Bell. Fast forward to a strange man shown in the dungeon looking for shards. There’s not many details surrounding him. Bell and Lili enter the dungeon in a different area and the color palette really delivers the setting. The fog and tint was gorgeously done. They face many ghouls but Bells coaching starts to show. Great again to finally see a glimpse of more appealing combat in this series which has had it pretty limited so far. The next day Bell’s training continues as Aiz repeatedly beats the breaks off him. This scene was gut-busting and someone needs to make it into a gif. This episode was as jocose as it was full of battles.

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