Fire Emblem If Gives Us Private Castles and Face Rubbing

During a Japan only Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed the newest feature for upcoming Fire Emblem If. The feature will be called “My Castle” and serves as the players base of operations during the game.

The player’s avatar is able to freely traverse their castle, similar to the villages in Fire Emblem Gaiden. The player is given the ability to erect various buildings within their stronghold. You can create shops to sell weapons, items, and accessories. The game also brings back the Arena. Similar to previous Fire Emblem games, you can bet items for profit. You can also create a hot spring, a lottery, and a temple. The final feature is the ability to invite various characters back to the player’s personal residence. Afterwards, you rub the face of your partner on touch screen. This supposedly will increase the bond between you and your partner.

Face Rubbing in action

Face Rubbing in action

It was also revealed the game would be compatible with the various Fire Emblem Amiibos. After scanning a Marth, Ike, or Lucina Amiibo, the player can interact and battle with said character.

New charcter information and changes to items were also revealed. You can read the character info here and the item info here.

Fire Emblem If releases June 25th in Japan. The game comes to the west in 2016. 

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