Controller Clipz are coming to save your controllers and keep them safe

Have you’ve ever run into the issue where you simply don’t have any place to put your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controllers? Do you own more than one and find that you’ve either ran out of space on where you store them or you have issues putting your controllers in one location, only to find them somewhere else or not finding them not at all? I don’t about you but I have children, so this happens more than I’d like it to happen.

If so, you may be in luck thanks to a new company called “Controller Clipz”. Based out of Louisville, KY, Controller Clipz was started by a Western Kentucky University student Brandon Douglas and several other like minded individuals. And their idea is actually really ingenious , yet so simple that it makes you wonder why no one has thought about this before. As the name would suggest, Controller Clipz,  provide a solution that includes a modular clip that allow gamers to secure their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controllers onto a flat surface such as a table, desk or even a wall.

Out of harms way and in the event of place them on to the wall, exactly where you left them.


So I bet you’re wondering where you get get one or several for your very own, right? Well they aren’t accessible, not just yet.

Later on today, the company will be taking to Kickstarter to promote their product and to raise $35,000.00 to help fund the first found of production and get these out to those eager gamers. I know I’ll be putting in for 4 of them, I got controllers all over the house. 

“We have been overwhelmed by the support we’re receiving from people all over the world; every Like, Comment and Share we get, shows that we’re in the process of creating a game-changer for this industry”. “We are confident that we have the right product for the right market at the right time. Now we just need the funding to turn this idea into a reality.” – Scott Aguiar, co-founder & COO of Controller Clipz.

They’ve launched their Kickstarter campaign and it can be found by going here. Let’s be sure to help get this off the ground, this is going to be a controller lifesaver. Especially if you have children or pets that like to wander off with your controllers.

For more information about Controller Clipz, please visit, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email the team at


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