Castle Clash Review (ioS/Android)

Game Name: Castle Clash
Platform(s):  Android, iOS
Publisher(s): IGG
Developer(s): IGG

One may think Castle Clash is just like many other mobile games out there. We have Clash of Clans and it seems that just about every other mobile game now a days is about crashing or clashing something. Castle Clash is a game where you must build your base’s structure by cashing in points based on missions, battles, and strategy.

The popularity of this game on the Android device should let you know it’s fairly different than it’s similar in game play counterparts. Differences in Castle Clash include being able to level up, having an arena for our heroes, having challenges where the objective is to defend your base you’ve been building up, the ability to use magic, higher income of gems and building at a quicker pace. These features make this game stand out from any game it’s set side by side with.

The gameplay of Castle Clash centers around managing your resources and and building up your base structure. You start with a blank canvas and some introductory tutorials. The tutorials in Castle Clash are quick and simple. They don’t come off wordy or lengthy, but at the same time get the point of gameplay across to the player. Moving forward with the game, it’s main goal is to assemble more assets to increase your strength and defenses in your buildings and troops so that they are better equipped for you to gather more resources and repeat the cycle.



Castle Clash is definitely a game that’s either hit or miss. If you start playing and you enjoy the game, you will find one hour turning into four hours really quickly. You’ll be telling yourself, “One more battle, one more upgrade.” With the goals to the next level or upgrade being so close it’s really hard to put Castle Clash down. For those of you who are not a fan of the platform of this game genre, then I can see how one might find this type of game play a bit tiresome and sing-song. 

To conclude, Castle Clash is not a remake of every other game you may think it’s going to be. It’s an improvment. If you like to build to the next level, and are interested in a great time killer, then Castle Clash is definately the mobile game for you. 

Available on Android and IOS