Bookshelf Podcast Episode #21 – Jimmys and Johns

Hello everyone,  this is Matthew “GetSelious” Paul welcome back to another episode to the Bookshelf Podast. In the Bookshelf Podcast Episode 21, Gabriel “ZSlash” Lemain, Carlos “Da Angry Elf” Abdu and myself give our perspectives on the old profession in the world. 

Sit back and listen as we discuss the inner workings of the paying for it and silently calling the doctor in the morning after.

                                        Gabriel “ZSlash” Lemaine’s Book          Carlos “Da Angry Elf” Abdu’s  Book

                                     250px-ChesterBrownPayingForItCover   book_sakuran

Topics include:

  • Frank Miller’s newest pitch.
  • You can be emotional healthy and pay for sex?
  • Gabriel’s dark secrets.
  • Future plans from the Bookshelf team and upcoming podcasts.

 Intro Song & Outro Song –  Too Little, Too Late (The Unofficial Theme of Bookshelf) – Sovarozum

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