Atlus Games Presents : Lost Dimension

On July 28th Atlus and Lancarse are going to release Lost Dimension. Lost Dimension, just like many other games, will also come along with a lot of downloadable content. Lucky for sci-fi and tactical RPG lovers, because Lost Dimension will have over $20 worth of DLC available for FREE for the first two weeks after the game launches including 9 free in game character costumes, 12 free PSn avatars, a map set with an additional story, and 3 DLC quest sets for extra experience. 

Take advantage of the various outfits you can download to enhance you butt-kicking experience. The PSN avatars will represent the male and female heroes within the game as well as a bonus avatar to represent the villain of Lost Dimension. Let your friends see what squad mate you’re representing whenever they log into PSN!

The three quest DLC add an extra mission to each floor. The missions don’t provide much in the way of EXP or EN (Energy, a.k.a. money), but if successfully completed with an S-Rank rating, players will be rewarded with a specialized item for individual character bonuses. Getting an S-Rank requires completing the mission as quickly as possible – at any cost. The mission packs come in differing levels of challenge: 

  • The Emissary from the Netherworld: Moderately difficult
  • The Price of Blood: More difficult
  • Runaway Cause and Effect: Most difficult

Finally, there’s an additional map pack called The Beginning of The End. This is a separate story that takes place in an entirely different location; there are five missions in total, but it explores the creation of the game’s central Pillar and goes into the history of the 11 heroes and heroines in Lost Dimension

All of the above DLC will be completely free for the two weeks following the game’s launch this summer. 

The additional downloadable content may not be for free, but the prices are very affordable steaming from 49 cents to 99 cents. These items range from your typical helper items, to items that raise experience, money and boosts before a battle.

Lost Dimension, the tactical RPG from ATLUS arrives July 28th 2015 for PS3 and PS Vita (PS TV compatible).



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