Arc System Works and French Bread to Update Under Night In Birth Exe:Late; Titled Under Night In Birth Exe:Late [st]

After Under Night In Birth Exe:Late lit up the Anime Fighting Game Community last summer, Arc System Works and French Bread announced that UNIEL will be recieving an update to itself, now known as Under Night In Birth Exe:Late [st].

This update to French Bread’s fighter will provide significant balance updates, as well as make console exclusive characters Nanase and Byakuya playable in the arcade version. In addition, a new fighter named Phonon will be introduced to the mix, equipped with a whip, which will no doubt be key to her attacks.

A new gameplay mechanic, by the name of Cross Cast Veil Off, will also be present in the update. This mechanic allows a player in the Vorpal state to cancel an attack into a Veil Off at the expense of 100 meter.

Club SEGA Shinjuki Nishiguchi in Tokyo and SEA Nanba Avion in Osaka will host location tests for the update during Memorial Day Weekend, so make sure to check back here for details regarding the location tests!

Source: Shoryuken via Arc System Works.

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