Andy Serkis’ Star Wars VII Character Revealed

Andy Serkis, the man behind Planet of the Apes’ Caesar and Lord of the Rings’ Smeagol, will be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens but his role was never announced. In an interview with Annie Leibovitz with, Serkis’ role was officially announced.

Annie Leibovitz is the photographer from Vanity Fair that gave us all of the last round of character announcements and it looks like she had more up her sleeve. Andy Serkis’ character name was revealed and a picture of Serkis in performance capture gear was revealed but no other details were given.

The character will go by the name of Supreme Leader Snoke.



If judging by the name and the image provided, it looks like we might be getting a new villain; and judging my Serkis’ past roles, this villain will be great!

To see the last round of character announcements, look here.

Source: IGN

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