Splatoon amiibos to release along side the game on May 29

During it’s recent Nintendo Direct stream, not only did Nintendo show off game-play footage of it’s upcoming paint-filled, third person FPS, Splatoon. But it also let the world know Splatoon will also have it’s own set of lovable, gotta have them all amiibo’s as well.


Coming in a pack of three; Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Inkling Squid, the Splatoon amiibo’s will be available on May 29, 2015, along side the release of Splatoon. And if the three back isn’t your style then you’ll be able to purchase just Inkling Girl or Inkling Boy individually as well.

I wonder how fast these guys are going to fly off the shelf… what? What do you mean they’re already sold out?