Marvel Mighty Heroes: Listen to Black Bolt

Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon) is perhaps the best known of the Inhumans. King of the Inhumans and husband to Medusa, Black Bolt possesses the ability to emit sonic waves through his voice. Despite being normally quiet due to his destructive powers, Black Bolt is respected as a leader. Players of Marvel Mighty Heroes can unlock Black Bolt and three suits for him.

  • Modern: The standard black and white suit we’re all familiar with. Unlocks the “Primal Whisper” ability. 
  • Earth X: Black Bolt plays a vital part in the Earth X series, being the one to unleash the terrigen mist onto Earth, planning to transform the population into Inhumans. While not taking place in the Earth-616 continuity, it did bring us cool characters like a May Parker who was able to control the Venom symbiote. The black and red Earth X Black Bolt suit will unlock “Sonic Whisper”
  • War of Kings: War of Kings was an event involving most of the major galactic characters like the Guardians, the Nova Corps, etc. The suit will unlock “Pressure Wave”



Marvel Mighty Heroes is now out on iOS and Android

Source: Marvel


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