Mario Kart 8 Revs Up to 200cc and Animal Crossing Pack!

To cap off the Nintendo Direct, they showed off more information in regards to the 2nd DLC pack centralizing on Animal Crossing. They also raised the speed limit now to 200cc.


You must love soundtrack for these courses! It just oozes happy times. Don’t know about you but I’m getting nostalgia from the music, especially that last snow track. Of course, Isabelle is just adorable.

After so many games, we can finally up the speed limit to 200cc. This will surely help that F-Zero itch you have. Also they announced that current and future amiibo like Sonic, and Megaman will be alternative costumes for you Mii characters. So now, you can finally live out your dreams of being Sonic.

Gotta go Fast!

Both DLC and Update will be available on April 23rd.

Mario Kart 8 for Wii U is available now.

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