League of Legends Season 4 World Champions (Samsung White) Skins Revealed

It’s that time of the year. Midway through the competitive season, the previous year’s World Champions will be getting their own set of skins. South Korea’s Samsung White took down China’s Star Horn Royal Club, 3 to 1 in a best of 5. The Season 4 World Championship marked the second year in a row Royal Club made it to the finals, but they were unable to snag the title.

Amidst the roster swaps following the World Championship, both Samsung White and sister team Samsung Blue were disbanded as their players moved on to Chinese teams. However, their dominating presence will in the season 4 World Championships will be immortalized in 5 skins.

Lane: Playername- Champion Skin
Top Lane: Looper- SSB Singed
Jungle: Dandy- SSB Rengar
Mid Lane: Pawn- SSB Talon
AD Carry: Imp- SSB Twitch
Support: Mata- SSB Thresh

SSW Full Skins_1

Singed, Rengar, and Talon will cost 750 RP each, while Twitch and Thresh will cost 975 RP each and will most likely come together as a bundle for players who wish to purchase all the skins at once for a lower price. Like each year, all World Championship skins will most likely make a brief return in the store for purchase:

-Season 1 Champions: Fnatic (Europe)
-Season 2 Champions: Taipei Assassins (Taiwan)
-Season 3 Champions: SK Telecom T1 K (South Korea)

No splash arts have been released so far, but ingame screenshots are available. 
Skins will be released on May 14th

Source: Riot Games