Halo 5 Agent Locke Armor to be a Gamestop exclusive? Why?

Here we go again folks. It’s bad enough that we’re already at arms with the recent Amiibo craze and the fact that there are “store-exclusive” Amiibo’s, but now this? So Microsoft has stated that the only way you’ll be able to score Agent Locke’s armor in the upcoming Halo 5 title, is if you pre-order it from Gamestop. Ok, I get it but there’s no reason for this to be a “store-exclusive” offering, none at all. Now excuse me as I have a bit of an issue with that so hear me out.

Fans who reserve Halo 5: Guardians at GameStop in the U.S. will get access at launch* to the pre-order exclusive Spartan Locke, HUNTER-class armor set for use in multiplayer.

1. I don’t like to buy my games at Gamestop, well not most of them. Between getting games from Amazon on the cheap or even Bestbuy thanks to their Gamersclub Unlocked which provides a %20 discount on all games. Hell, nearly 90% of my console game purchases are done at Bestbuy for that very reason, not to mention bonus trade-in credit (if I traded in games) and 10% off all used games. It basically makes Gamestop irreverent in my gaming purchases. Let me buy what I want where I want, without losing access to something that by all rights so be there for us gamers already.

2. I don’t like to be forced or shoehorned. I despise the fact that even If I though that the Halo 5 Agent Locke armor locked interspersing, that I would have to pre-order it vs it being included in the game in the first place. I mean this is a Halo 5 game, right? Agent Locke is supposed to be this badass spartan, right? So if this is one of the main reasons for own Halo 5 in the first place, why the hell do I have to pre-order the game at a specific store to get something that should be included in the game in the first place!

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never been a fan of offering exclusive content for specific stores and in fact it just ticks me off. And yes there has been plenty of store exclusive content that were both physical and digital that I passed on, regardless of how cool it was. Eh, you win some and you lose some, what can you do…. oh, yeah that’s right. You can always vote with your wallet/purse. I guess that’s what I”m going to do, yet again!

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to pick up Halo 5, just not from Gamestop.

What about you? Do you agree on this specific type of game marketing that has been running rampant or so long or are you as fed-up with it as I am.

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