George R.R. Martin Releases A Chapter From Next Game Of Thrones Book

Just in case, for whatever wild reason; if you don’t know already, Game of Thrones started as a series of book called A Song of Ice and Fire. That series is still on-going and the next installment, book 6- The Winds of Winter is set to release next year. To stem the lengthy tide between each book, author George R.R. Martin has been releasing single chapters from the novel for fans to read online.

George R.R. Martin has released another chapter from The Winds of Winter and posted it on his official website. This preview focuses on Sansa Stark (spoiler, she is still alive) and her evil side. Martin had previously released a chapter from The Winds of Winter back in January, which you can find on his website as well.

Don’t expect these chapters to be complete spoilers for the TV show however, as already seen in the first couple of seasons, the TV show has both minor and vast differences from the books. Eventually, as the showrunners have confirmed, the TV show will overtake the books and lead the story progression.

Below is a YouTube video from Comic-Con 2014 where Martin addresses a fan question about the books and TV show. (sorry about the shaky quality)


Source: IGN