EA Announces Madden NFL 16 Release Date

EA, on its blog this past Thursday, dropped the release date for their best selling football franchise. Madden NFL 16: August 25th, 2015.

In an brief blog post, EA stated that Madden NFL 16 is still in development, promising that more information will make its way out to the Madden website, Facebook and Twitter.

While there are no assets available in the form of screenshots or gameplay videos, it is safe to assume that the game will come to the usual consoles, unless they pull an NBA Live 15, and only release the game on the current gen platforms.

Madden NFL 15 emphasized defensive side of the ball improvements, as well as improved presentation in game, becoming the second best-selling video game of 2014.

Editor’s Note: I fully expect that Madden NFL 16 will make it to PS4 and Xbox One only. I’m hoping to see some kind of all around improvement in game, starting with the commentators. While Phil Simms isn’t Cris Collinsworth bad, the fact that they haven’t worked out deals with CBS or FOX to improve commentary and add near-real life presentation, like their NBA Live series, is appalling. However, it’s not as appalling as the lack of a PC release, considering that EA Sports’ FIFA and 2K Sports’ NBA 2K consistently do well on PC.

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