Damnit Nintendo, stop teasing us F-Zero fans

I don’t know about you, but I was (and still am) a huge F-Zero fan back in the day. And of course if you are a fan of the futuristic racing game then you also know the pain that comes with that, iE; Nintendo simply not releasing a TRUE F-Zero game in quite some time. In fact the last F-Zero console title that we’ve ever received was back on the Gamecube (F-Zero GX) in 2003 and F-Zero Climax which was a Japan exclusive title for the Game Boy Advance in 2004.

The F-Zero series has been dormant for 10+ years now, despite the fact that we the fans have been asking for a revamped F-Zero ever since the debut of the Wii. This is an iconic racer and I dare say that it was a huge influence on the development of other break-neck speed racing games such as Wipeout. And while certain characters and tracks from the series have been branched out to other games such as Super Smash Bros., Nintendo Land, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and more recently Mario Kart 8 which included Mute City as DLC. But most recently however is the appearance of the classic track, Big Blue, which will now be playable in the upcoming 200CC update for Mario Kart 8.

You get my point, I’m sure. Instead of starting development of an all new F-Zero title, Nintendo seems to be satisfied by simply pulling copying content from the once popular futuristic racer and pasting it to whatever game seems relevant and thinking that it will appease the F-Zero population.

Well, Nintendo, It’s not working. Not completely at least. while I’m thankful that I can cruise around Mute City and soon to be Big Blue, It’s still not the same as a full fledged F-Zero game. And after 10 years you would think that Nintendo would try to raise of the titles that helped push it’s Super Nintendo / Super Famicom to fame all those years ago.

But then again maybe Nintendo simply doesn’t care and sure that’s all speculation on my part. However the lack of response on Nintendo’s end regarding a new F-Zero title isn’t help the case at all. And the sad realization that we may never see another F-Zero title suddenly becomes more real with each passing day.

Until then I’ll just keep popping in my copy of F-Zer0 GX, playing the original F-Zero on my Super Nintendo and imaging that the in-development racer, Radial-G Racing, is the next coming of F-Zer0.

*F-zero wallpaper created by Cepillo16 from Deviantart.com

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