Call of Duty Black Ops III Season Pass is fifty bucks? Really?

Ok, I’ve been saying for a while that this whole DLC and season pass thing has grown out of control. Season passes and DLC being announced before games are even completed or even worse, being required if you want to get the whole game and not just %90 of it. But this one my friends takes the cake or pie if you don’t like cake.

So as you are already aware of, Activision recently announced that there would be a third game in the Call of Duty Black Ops series, hell who didn’t see that coming. Now to be fair it does look interesting but time will tell if I’ll pick it up and likely that’s how most of us feel. However what I know I likely won’t be doing is picking up a FIFTY DOLLAR SEASON PASS for the game. You heard me, Activision has finally lost it (Some will argue they lost it a while ago) and has announced a $50 season pass for Black Ops 3


This recently showed up on Steam ( though I haven’t seen any official announcement from Activision on the matter, but I imagine that it’s coming.  So a $50 season pass for a game that is going to cost $60, what kind of madness is this? Sure they are also giving you the option of paying $100 for both the game and the season pass, but nothing else. For that type of money I’m expecting some sort of collection edition bundle or something, but not $100 for just the game and it’s DLC.

Mind you that the season pass promises to include 4 “exciting DLC packs”, there isn’t any mention of what they are and is just another example of DLC being announced before the game is even completed.

Deja Vu all over again.

I don’t know what’s worse; The fact that Activision feels that they need to charge that much for a season pass, the fact that people will buy it or the fact that this may convince other companies to follow suit and raise their prices on season passes in the future.

No matter how you look at this, it ain’t good.

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    DLC is becoming more important than the damn game itself. Its sad that the main game have less content than the DLC. SMH

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    This $50 season pass thing for CoD has been happening for four years now so I’m not surprised it’s happening for a fifth the fifth time.

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    “So a $50 season pass for a game that is going to cost $60, what kind of madness is this?”

    In 2010, Black Ops was a $60 videogame with 4 DLC packs for $15 each.
    In 2011, Modern Warfare 3 was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
    In 2012, Black Ops II was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
    In 2013, Ghost was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
    In 2014, Advanced Warfare was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
    In 2015, Black Ops III is $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.

    In 2011, Battlefield 3 was a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.
    In 2013, Battlefield 4 was a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.
    In 2015, Battlefield Hardline is a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.

    This is not madness,…this is common.

    “…there isn’t any mention of what they are and is just another example of DLC being announced before the game is even completed.” But that’s how most, if not all, Season Passes are.

    If a client doesn’t expect Black Op III’s Season Pass to fall in line with Activision’s “four” previous Season Passes of four multiplayer maps + a zombie map + a new multiplayer weapon per pack, I pity that client. Passes are for clients willing to purchase DLC for a product they already fully support.

    “I don’t know what’s worse; The fact that Activision feels that they need to charge that much for a season pass,”

    There’s no need. It’s the cost of making a profit on the amount of content they’re delivering, that doesn’t splinter the community, at a $10 discount if it were sold separately. It saves the client $2.50 per pack and earns Activision revenue.

    “the fact that people will buy it”
    That’s their business….and money. You’re free to judge people on what they want to purchase,…but from my view, that seems petty.

    “…or the fact that this may convince other companies to follow suit and raise their prices on season passes in the future.”

    If they do, they do. No one has to buy DLC. If one feels so strongly towards DLC, don’t buy DLC. Nonetheless, I will purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of Black Ops III,…but that doesn’t make anyone else’s base $60 video game lesser.

    We all have mostly the same content at launch…I just purchased more content now,…for later…at a discount.

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    Bilal Prince- Ali

    dude… please do some research before ACTUALLY writing posts… if you dont know gaming history, or trends in gaming, then please dont comment on it!! *siigh*

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    @Keith Mitchell

    This article is just DUMB. COD Season Passes always cost $50. Don’t buy it PROBLEM SOLVED. Also quit whining about it.

    Look if you are going to write an article just complaining about DLC and the price of DLC you aren’t bringing anything new to the table. You just whining.

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      No, I think he’s stating his opinion, maybe others feel the same maybe others don’t. But that’s not a reason to simply bash what he wrote. In MY opinion $50.00 is too much for a DLC season pass. You might as well buy an extra copy for your friend for all that. Of course when it comes down to it, it IS your choice to buy it….or not.

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        Yeah we all have opinions. I prefer facts and newsworthy articles over opinions. If you are going to do an opinion piece at least bring some facts to the table to support your opinions. This article doesn’t mention the historical price of this DLC pack is $50. Same price you pay on Battlefield for a years worth of content. It has already become the “going rate” for shooters with an active player base.

        If $50 is too much — don’t buy it. Problem solved. Companies won’t listen to this kind of activity when gamers seem happy to buy the Season Passes.

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    Okay, with Batman and now this, let’s celebrate the year the DLC died… killed off by greed.

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    My issue is, the fact that this is way to rampant. I don’t care if you’re a fan of the series or not, this is way too much. Sure you can say that if you don’t agree with it is to not buy it, which I already stated. But what about those who are fans of the games? You don’t think that $50 isn’t to much? $50 on nothing but a few guns, maybe re-skins and some maps?

    Did people forget that games used to have more than a handful of maps? Did we forget that companies used to give us free map packs or when they did they were more more than 4 dinky maps?

    You can say I’m whining but don’t dare think this is from someone who doesn’t know his shit. I’m been gaming for quite some time and I”m pretty sure I’ve gamed way longer than some of you who replied. Case in point, anyone who played the Unreal Tournament series. You had a huge community making maps for FREE. Giving them to you for FREE! The company even signed some of them up to some kick ass maps for FREE! Quake did the same thing.

    I don’t anyone out there coming remotely close to that.

    So sure I may be a bit jaded, maybe I”m just fed up with the whole DLC crap. Any while I can’t force my opinion on people, maybe if we voiced that just a little more it would be different.

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      Its WAY TOO MUCH for YOU!

      Obviously the price point they have is one that is met and is successful. You can always wait for the discount.

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    like im going to buy black ops, but i dont know, the season pass ore that deluxe edition shit!

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    Oswen Carty

    Its funny how people wanna bash the guy for stating his opinion. If you dont agree just say you dont and stop with the insults. Its like you guys have a stick up your asses

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    Haha this is just a taste of what living in Australia is like we pay $70 for the season pass and $100 for the game sometimes more depending on the retailer.

    All in all does anyone else remember when season passes came into play I remeber la noire launched with a $15 season pass and thats in Australia so much extra content probably about 12 hours in total plus gta 4 had two separate expansions that combined retailed for $30 and they lasted 24 hours each.

    We lost our way somewhere to the point that maps that should be included on the base game are not. See how many launched with cod 4 vs mw2 or 3 or even ghosts

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    I feel like you don’t know anything about call of duty its been 50 dollars for the season pass for a long time and when the game comes with 12 maps for multiplayer and 1 zombies map for 60 and for 50 you get 4 map packs of 4 maps and a zombie map your actually getting more for your money on the season pass well unless you count the campaign towards the first price but most people buy call of duty for multiplayer and zombies so its not a rip off this has been the prices since world at war I’m pretty sure which was what 7 call of duties ago so 7 years an now you making a big deal about it at least its better then when infinity ward still charged the same price on mw2 and 3 and it it came with was extra multiplayer maps at least now you get zom is maps too

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      I dunno, I’ve owned ever call of duty title before it was even popular and while I understand that the season pass is and has been 50 dollars, you like many others are failing to understand the point of the article. The fact that is has been and still is $50 and the fact that this isn’t alarming at all to anyone is troubling. The fact that you don’t care how bad the developer / publisher is giving you a reach around is quite frankly taking away from you.

      I understand people have their own opinion and as such so do I. And that’s exactly what it this is, and it works the same way. If you don’t like what I wrote, isn’t easier than to just leave it be? The same with how CoD works; If I don’t like the season pass, then I don;’t buy it and guess what… I don’t!

      It would be a different story if I flat out said don’t buy the DLC, but that’s not what I said. I said it’s an issue that it’s so much.. and that it has been.

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        It isn’t alarming. $5 off each map pack is a pretty good deal. Season Pass is just “buying in bulk”.

        Stop buying games at launch and wait for the “complete edition” problem solved.

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        See, the problem with your replies is basically this: You don’t like his opinion and now it’s coming down to a thing as to where you’re just out-right bashing him for how he felt about a certain issue. I think he made a pretty good valid point when he made a comparison with Unreal Tournament. I can honestly see where he’s coming from. Again…$50.00 is a little bit too much just for a few maps. We all have the option to buy them or not but we also have the RIGHT to voice how we feel about the price of a certain DLC and the worth of it.

        Me…I don’t have the game but I’m no stranger to the series or it’s DLCs. If and when I do buy the game I won’t be in a rush to purchase the DLC. It’s too much for it. If I don’t see the “worth” in paying that much for some content then I wont buy it. If I feel 50 bucks is too much..hey that’s my opinion. Hey if YOU don’t feel its too much and you think its worth it then go right ahead and purchase away, I won’t bash or insult you in any way.

        By the way the problem wouldn’t be solved by NOT buying the game at launch.

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    Honestly its $40 if you get the deluxe digital edition (which I’ll probably get since i never sell CODS). And if you ACTUALLY play the game and play MP or Zombies like me than $40 is worth it. I never actually payed $50 for all Maps since World at War. I either game share or get it cheaper through some deal. And who should be complaining anyway about Treyarch’s DLC:Ascension, moon, COTD, MOTD, Buried all amazing maps along with grief mode. hell even nuketown was a challenge. IW and Sledgehammer shouldn’t have season passes because all their games (except MW1 MW2) were horrible.