A Car Has Driven Itself Across The Country

For your fun fact of the day, automotive company Delphi has made a self-driving car and it just completed a trip from San Francisco to New York City. According to the report, the car did 99% of the driving; a person drove when not on the highway.

The car did the trip in 9 days, crossing 15 states, and traveling 3,400 miles. This news is a new checkpoint for the advancement of technology. Taking a direct quote from the Wired report, “The news here isn’t that this was possible, but that it was so easy.” Thinking back, 11 years ago a car drove itself 7.32 miles then died and literally caught fire; then 10 years ago a car drove itself 132 miles but it took 7 hours.

Now Delphi has achieved this task and they aren’t even considered the most advanced group in the field. If we look at all others leading the self-driving car pack, Google is out in front, followed by Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Volvo. Not only has Delphi put themselves in that group, they have made it very apparent that self-driving technology as a commonplace is almost here.

Look for legislation about self-driving technology to heat up soon. Once all of that mess is over with, we are golden to start buying us some self-driving cars!

Below you can watch an in-depth video about the car with C-Net.


Source: Wired, C-Net

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