What I’m Looking Forward To: PAX East 2015

No stranger to PAX East, this year marks my 4th journey to the North American East Coast gaming mecca. Only this
time around this will actually be more work than pleasure as I finally was able to score an official media pass (Thanks again, PAX) to the event. Though nothing has changed for me, I just get to be official and attempt to a better job on getting coverage at the event. Same thing as always.

And below are just a few of the things I can’t wait to check out during the PAX East 2015 event. Let’s get started, shall we?

Axiom Verge: If there was only one game that would make an appearance at PAX East and this was the title, then I would justify the trip as being completely worth it. Currently being developed by a previous 1 man show, Tom Happ, Axiom Verge is a homage to a game that Nintendo has left in the past; Metroid. This game screams Metroid and to an extent it even looks like Metroid, but I’d be a fool if I said that was bad thing… cause it totally is not. But beyond the familiarities, Axiom Verge also allows gamers to use glitches to take advantage of specific locations. Anyone who has ever owned a Nintendo Entertainment System will be familiar with those glitches as they are similar to when a NES game would glitch out and cause your screen to look blocky and distorted. It’s a noble concept that I don’t believe has been used before. looks to be a fun entry into Metroidvania genre that has become insanely popular these last few years.  

And while Axiom Verge does have a release date for the PlayStation 4 of March 4, 2015, PAX East is still the more convenient time to get some hands on since the release date is still a month away.

Overwatch: Yes, Blizzard is making a FPS, which they announced last year during Blizzcon 2014. I’ve been following this title like a hawk and while there hasn’t been much info about the title as of late, Blizzard has stated that there will be new info on the title, as well as Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. Yes is the stuff that being a PC gamer is all about and knowing Blizzard, they won’t disappoint. Overwatch will also be playable on the exhibition floor, but there better be a huge number of PC’s that the title will be installed on.


Valve’s Stream ControllerYes, I know this isn’t a game but it is something I’ve been eagerly awaiting ever since the initial announcement of the Steam Machine and SteamOS initiative, from Valve.  Originally to appear at the 2015 Game Developers Conference, the Stream Controller is actually going to be making an appearance at PAX East as well. No this is left folks, we broken the new about it and the controller will be available for demoing at Alienware’s booth during PAX East.

Steam Controller revisied

Can’t wait to try it out and who knows, maybe they’ll even tell us when we can expect these things to finally go on sale.

Cosplayers: Who doesn’t like checking out the people who come to these events, decked out as their favorite video game, comic, tv show characters and just about anything else that they can imagine. Last year I was able to check out some of the best cosplay that i’ve seen in a while and the also includes cosplay I’ve seen at the New York Comic Con.

I have no doubt that this year will be any different and I can’t wait to see what’s in store this time.

Rise & Shine: This title apparently snuck in under my radar, I didn’t even know it existed but I’m glad I do now. A 2D shooter/platformer, Rise & Shine is about a young boy who lives in the world of classic videogames, that has come under attack from some sort of muscle bound space marines. Equipped with a weapon called “Shine”, a legendary pistol, Rise attempts to save his world. The game is more than a simple shooter +however as you will have to overcome puzzles using different types of bullets. Did mention that this game is completely hand drawn and will run at 60FPS? Not much has been shown since the game surfaced last year but it will be making an appearance at PAX East, at the Adult Swim booth since the title was picked up my Adult Swim. Which is great for the developers of the title, Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, but also it’s fans.

Indie Mega Booth: The last few times I’ve made it up to PAX East, I would have to say that 50% of my time was getting plenty of hands on with the games at the Indie Mega Booth, as well as talking to the developers or team presenting the game.There’s always plenty to talk about, dozens of cool people to meet and network with and of course the games. Its never a dull moment when hanging around the Indie Mega Booth and hopefully this year is no different.

And of course I’m looking towards the entire event as a whole and I’m sure i’ll end up finding something else that didn’t make my list, but should have. PAX East is a gamers delight, well at least for us East Coast gamers and I can’t wait to get there. Sadly it looks like this year may present some challenges as it is supposed to rain and snow during my trek to Boston. But real gamers don’t let a little snow stop them, am I right?

PAX East 2015 runs from March 6-8, 2015 and is held in Boston, MA. Expect to see as much coverage as possible from The Outerhaven crew, which you’ll be able to find at Paxeast.2015.theouterhaven.net when the event starts.

Until then, let us know what you’ll looking forward to during PAX East 2015.

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