Ultra Magnus Leader Class figure up for pre-order

We reported on this upcoming Ultra Magus figure during the 2015 New York Toy Fare and ever since I’ve been trying to find out where this figure would be up for sale. All attempts to contact Hasbro planned out empty so I reserved myself to checking every week until I found it for sale somewhere.

Well guess what? I found it!

Over at Dorkside Toys, the Transformers Generations Leader Class Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus Figure (Damn, that’s a mouthful) is up for pre-order for $44.99, which is about the price that it was rumored to cost and it has a guesstimated shipping date of May 2015. For the asking price it’s not to bad for this, epsecially if you didn’t want to pay the price for the Takara MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus.


Now I’m off to find the Constructicon set. I gotta have that Devastator.


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