Two New Maps for Evolve at No Extra Charge

Two new maps, “The Broken Hill Mine” and “Broken Hill Foundry” will be coming to Evolve at no extra cost to players. The maps will be available on the Hunt, Nest, and Rescue game modes through any of the three existing matchmaking options (Skirmish, Evacuation, Custom). Both maps will contain their own unique campaign effects.

Broken Hill Mine is located deep underground with three separate sections: A quarry, a nest of venom hounds, and a last section contains a conveyor belt. At the center of these three areas is a drill chamber. The destructible environment will allow for the Monster player to power their way quickly through the map. 

Broken Hill Mine Evacuation Campaign Effects

Hunter Win: Mining Drones get repurposed as Shield Drones for the Hunter team in the next match.

Monster Win: Destroying the mining drill makes the environment tectonically unstable. The resulting earthquakes will flush out birds from the surrounding areas, deceiving the Hunters as to where the Monster is really located.




Broken Hill Foundry is an outdoor map. With both plenty of open room to run and narrow alleyways to squeeze into, tactical options are varied. Boxes of bohrium are littered across the map, allowing for the Monster player to easily feast. However, these boxes don’t have a pop top, so opening them will cause quite a bit of noise, alerting Hunters nearby.

Broken Hill Foundry Evacuation Campaign Effects

Hunter Win: Energy-dense bohrium is used to supercharge the Hunter’s jetpacks.

Monster Win: Destroying the foundry engulfs the Monster in bohrium gas, making its melee attacks even more powerful.



The two maps will be available for free on March 31st for Xbox One and a month later on April 30th for Playstation 4 and PC.

Source: Evolve