Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove has been funded

There is a gaming God and he/she has heard our cries. Not to long ago, Studio HumaNature, had announced that they planned on doing a 4th game from the smash title, Toejam and Earl, called Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove. Some of you may have remembered and even played the previous titles back on the Sega Genesis (1&2) and part 3 on the Microsoft Xbox.  At the time of this article the Kickstarter campaign was surpassed it’s goal of $400,000.00 and is knocking on the door of its first stretch goal of $425,000.00. Sadly it seems that the game won’ make the console stretch goals and will only make it to the PC, which is a shame as this should game should be experienced by everyone, PC or console gamer. But I’m still grateful that we’re even going to see it funded and become a reality in the first place.

If you were a fan or Toejam and Earl from back in the games of the Sega Genesis and would love to see the game as the original creators of the title have envisioned, it’s not to late to pitch in a few dollars. At the time of this article, there is 38 hours remaining.

I have fond memories of playing Toejam and Early: Panic on Funkatron back on the Sega Genesis with my brother, so I can’t wait to share that excitement all over again, only this time with my children. 


Source: Kicktstarter

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