Tiger-direct to close most of their retail stores

It looks that Tiger-direct is closing out 31 of their 34 brick and mortar stores. Sadly I didn’t find out that until I made the trip out to my local Tiger-direct store and found that the store was in fact closing. When I questioned the manager on duty, he informed  me that the computer that owns Tiger-direct, SystemMax, is moving to an e-commerce only solution and that most of their inventory has been discounted or sent to a liquidator. Currently what ever product that is in stock at the shops are up to 20% off and from my recent trip, there are still tons of computer cases, accessories, harddrives, video cards and more to pick up for cheap.

For those familiar with the brand, the current Tiger-direct shops were formerly CompUSA stores that were acquired by SystemMax back in 2008. Later in 2012, SystemMax opened several new CompUSA stores and following a few years later, re-branded them to Tiger-direct stores.

Sadly this is bad news if you had the luck of having a CompUSA/Tiger-direct store near you, especially for those last second parts for repairs or just for browsing. They weren’t the cheapest but compared to a Newegg or Amazon, they were local and a fan of those who love instant gratification.

Just when you thought CompUSA was back in action, it’s dead in the water but for good this time.

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