The Astro Boy reboot we’ve always wanted is happening

Looks like the first official trailer of the Astro Boy reboot has surfaced on the web. First and foremost, I was 100% clueless about this Astro Boy reboot, so obviously when I saw the trailer was pretty damned happy and judging from I’ve noticed from the trailer, it looks to be on the track. Titled “AstroBoy Reboot”, this new series is being created by Caribara Productions and Shibuya Productions. Astro Boy finally gets a reboot after all these years and I hope that it lives up to it’s past success.

Unlike the recent Astro Boy reboot which was the CGI movie released back in 2009 by the Imagi Animation Studios, this looks to have a simpler touch to it and from what I can tell looks like a combination of both hand-drawn and CGI animation. It also seems  a bit more livelier, more colorful. 

While not much is known about the reboot, I was able to dig up some information regarding it. We know that there are 26 episodes planned that are 26 minutes long and the show is a mixture of 2D & 3DFor. The project is aimed at children aged 8-12, those who didn’t get a chance to watch the original Astro Boy show and since Tezuka Productions owns the Astro Boy license, they are free to create a brand new story, which is what exactly is planned. A new story that will incorporate new characters, will be set to in present day world and will include elements that made the original Astro Boy so successful and popular.  Lastly we know that this is an effort from three studios; Shibuya Productions (Monaco), Caribara Animation (France) and Tezuka Productions (Japan)

I guess we’ll have to wait until everyone is ready to give us more, so for now enjoy the trailer and these animated gifs.

astroboyreboot 1 - The Astro Boy reboot we've always wanted is happening astroboyreboot 3 - The Astro Boy reboot we've always wanted is happening



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Carlos Abdu
Carlos Abdu
6 years ago

I knew about this from waay back but I didn’t realise they where going forward with the project. At first, I thought they where going on the cheap with using the flash animated look and the lineless art, but looking at it from another perspective, it fits very well with Astro’s gentle soul and Tezuka’s original story regarding robotic sentience. I look forward to this….