Rock Band 4 Announced

It’s happening, the band is back on tour! Rock Band 4 has been announced for PS4 and Xbox One. Harmonix will still be the developer and all of your old DLC songs will be transferable.

Talking with IGN, Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos said:

“When we stopped developing Rock Band 3, clearly the market needed a break. But since then we’ve been paying close attention to what our community has been saying about it. There’s been this steadily growing crescendo of fans saying, ‘Hey Harmonix, what the hell? It’s time! Why haven’t you announced a new Rock Band? We’re ready for it!’”

Rock Band 4 will hit later this year. The previous on-disk songs will not transfer over for the time being and it is  unclear of the status of the old instrument peripherals compatibility with the new consoles. 

It is also note worthy that this time around Harmonix does not plan on releasing annual instalments and wants to gradually grow the market. If you wish to pre-order the game, head on over to Harmonix’s official site, bonuses include different colored new instruments.


Source: IGN

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