PAX East 2015: Subaeria interview with Illogika Studios

The Subaeria booth, hosted by fine folks from Illogika Studio’s,  was our next stop during PAX East 2015. If you haven’t heard about Subaeria, let me fill you in, alright? Imagine a world where humanity is threatened with the constantly rising water levels. Fearing complete and total existation, humanity has fled under those very waters in order to survive and in doing so they have created a completely new society.

One where human no longer enforces the law and robots have taken over that task. Souless, heartless robots who brutalily enforce the law, destorying all who oppose and break that law. All appears lost, doesn’t it? This is definitely not one under the sea adventure that I’d want to have.

But there are those who aren’t afraid of this system and set out to confront the system….in order to survive. But can you survive in a world where the only tools you have in your arsenal is your wits and skills?

Was that enough to grip you? Played in an isometric point of view, Subaeria will pit you against multiple procedurally generated levels while you attempt to unreveal the story, while attempting to survive against everything that’s tossed at you.

And during PAX East 2015, Illogika Studios was kind enough to give us a break down on Subaeria and even gave us a quick demonstration with the game on the spot.

  • Procedural Death Labyrinth that generates unique levels and content at every playthrough.
  • Play as a diverse cast of characters with their unique agendas, interweaving storylines and multiple endings.
  • Discover the ultra-consumerist underwater dystopia of Subaeria, that leaves the poor to labor in the depths of the ocean while the rich live in opulence on the surface.
  • Use your wits to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies by turning them on each other.
  • Permadeath pushes players to strategically assess the risks they’re taking and creates a more challenging experience.

subaeria_1 subaeria_2

Subaeria is set for a mid 2015 release for the PC platform.

And for more info on Subaeria, be sure to check out the official website @

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