PAX East 2015: Leap of Fate interview with Clever Plays

We still have more PAX East 2015 interviews to go and next up is an interview with conducted with Matt from Clever Plays. And with Matt was a interesting title called Leap of Fate, which reminded me arcade / Super Nintendo games of old. Especially with the combat system and fast paced action.

Leap of Fate is an upcoming Steam-punk action-RPG (ARPG) that is being developed by Clever Plays. Played in a isometric 3rd person view, you play as one of 4 characters; Aeon, the shadow mage Big Mo, the technomancer Mukai, the spirit channeler and Rasimov, the rogue occultist as you progress through a dangerous and unforgiving world.

Luckily for you however you’re packing some magic firepower that you can use in both an offensive and defensive matter, which you’ll need since there’s no automatic health regeneration. The game also features multiple skill tress, randomly generated levels and tons of abilities that you’ll need to survive.

Oh, I did I also mention that it’s up on Steam’s Greenlight page? Go check it out here and vote it up if you feel that it should be up on Steam.

Expect to see Leap of Fate make it’s way to both the PC and mobile (iOS & Android) markets in mid 2015.

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