PAX East 2015: 20XX combines several genres and makes it work

When I first heard about 20xx, I was very skeptic. How could a game that was being presented as a rogue-like , a platformer with MegaMan (and Zero) like characters work. Oh, there’s also a perma-death and co-ops elements in it as well. I mean seriously, how could a game like this even work. Well I’m happy to report that after speaking with Eitan Glinert from the FireHose Games and getting some hands on, this game is legit. The game will definitely be familiar to anyone who’s ever picked up a MegaMan title or any 2D platformer for that, but there’s more going here.

Gamers will be able to play along side an another partner as they navigate a 2D level that’s filled with enemies and power-ups such as vending machines that dispense health and weapon upgrades and more. Check out interview we conducted during PAX East 2015 for more information on 20XX.

Hey, don’t leave…. we got more. FireHose Games was nice enough to hook us with several copies of the game and we’re going to give those out to you. We’re raffling them off and all you have to do is enter your email address to enter and you’re entered. The contest ends on the eve of PAX East 2015, so 3.8.2015 @ 8PM EDT. 

Raffle ends on 3.8.2015 @ 8PM! Don’t forget your chance to win a key for this fantastic game.

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