Nvidia announces a 4k, 1080@60FPS set-top box for the living room

Nvidia has recently announced during a press event, a new Nvidia Shield. However until like the previous Shield devices, this newly announced device is a set-top box that will live in your living room. Called…. the Nvidia Shield, this new device is a 4k, 1080@60FPS game streaming appliance, powered by Android and Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chipset. 

Nvidia is calling this the “First Android TV Device meant to game with” and it is able to stream and play local 4K content, assuming you have a 4K Tv to play it back on. The device will also include a wired Ethernet port (assuming this is going to be 100/1000), 16GB of local storage, a microSD port, 2x USB 3.0 connections and wifi (again assuming at least 802.11 G/N). And since it’s built on top of Android, it will also include voice support. 

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Gaming-wise the device will be home to several upcoming titles such as Witcher 3, Batman:Arkham Knight and even current titles such as Borderlands: The Prequel, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Resident Evil Revelations 2. Expect up to 50 games to be supported at the time of launch. The Shield will also support Nvidia’s now out of beta GRID subscription-based game streaming service, both the free version which is limited to 720@30FPS  and allows for game rentals and a fee based subscription that supports the full 1080p@60FPS and will let you purchases games vs renting them.

The Shield will cost $199.99 and will include the Nvidia shield controller instead of a remote control and will launch this May. I’ll be attempting to get my hands on one to give you the full run down.

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    Bilal Prince- Ali

    Ok people… HERE YOU GO!!! All you stupid console war fanboys who want to talk about frame rates and resolution! here is you 60FPS 1080p console… now lets see how many of your fuck nuggets ACTUALLY bother to buy this thing! so stop fucking using frame rate and resolution as the defining statistics when judging a video game!

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      Exactly. if we’re to be expect to believe, this little box will do what both current generation consoles can not; Stream 4k content at 1080p as well as a 60FPS for current generation games.

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        Bilal Prince- Ali

        exactly.. but let us see the adoption rate! i sincerely doubt any REAL amount of people will flock to this device in the quantities that NVIDIA hope for anyways… but people STILL will complain and bring up BS… its just hot air people wanna blow -_-